Key Industries

As our customer base is so varied we place a high importance on staying in touch with developments in key industries and recording our experiences. See the table below for industry-specific applications we have been involved in over the past 35 plus years.

We are specialists in the manufacture of custom clad metal composites featuring a true metallurgical bond. We proudly serve the aerospace, automotive, appliance, defense, corrosion protection, electronic, electrochemical, industrial, medical, and oil & gas industries. We offer a wide range of metal alloy compositions available with virtually any ratio or thickness possible. They can take the form of wire, rod, bars, ribbon, and plates.

Customized solutions—to meet your unique challenges

Combining individual metals and alloys — to yield a superior wire system. Although most wire manufacturers largely provide “common-denominator,” off-the-shelf products, Anomet Products focuses primarily on developing customized wire solutions. We operate as a true consultant to our customers; in fact, many of the world’s leading electronic and medical device OEMs consider us an extension of their wire design teams. This partnership-based orientation allows us to develop an in-depth understanding of our customers’ key challenges and specification requirements… and thereby enables us to deliver ideally suited solutions through highly customized clad-metal wire designs. For example, our engineers can customize numerous metal and alloy properties to provide the “correct” balance of attributes and characteristics for your applications, including:

• Tensile strength
• Temper (annealed to full hard)
• Cladding thickness
• Cladding layer quantity (a minimum of core plus one outer layer,
up to a maximum of five individual layers)
• Corrosion resistance/biocompatibility
• Long continuous-length wire (lengths of over 100,000 feet
are available)
• Fine grain-size materials