For over 40 years, Anomet Products has focused exclusively on manufacturing innovative clad-metal wire composite solutions that deliver optimized performance for the most demanding applications. Our goal has always been to provide superior material quality, product value and customer satisfaction through service and support that far exceed expectations. We’re proud that this unwavering commitment has fostered strong, collaborative partnerships with leading OEMs across an extremely diverse range of business sectors, including aerospace & defense, automotive, battery & fuel cell technology, energy production (oil & gas), appliances, corrosion protection, industrial, electronic, superconductors, medical devices and electrochemical.

Anomet Products is well known in several industries as the leader in innovative composite metal products. Since its inception in 1976, Anomet has been dedicated to developing new products using advanced metallurgical technology resulting in long lasting, high reliability, cost effective materials.  In this day and age when material costs represent 90% of the overall product cost, Anomet Products specializes in helping reduce the cost while improving the material properties and quality.

Each year, Anomet reinvests itself in R&D activities to stay on the leading edge in the various industries it serves. Many of the world's industry leaders look upon Anomet Products as an extension of their strategic design team.  When it comes to commitment, Anomet steps up to the plate.