A sum that’s greater with a focused technology. Solutions designed than its parts.

Combining individual metals and alloys — to yield a superior wire system.

A recognized pioneer in the industry, Anomet Products is committed to utilizing the most advanced  metal lurgical technologies and manufacturing processes to provide the highest quality clad-metal wire composites for high-reliability applications. In addition to continuously improving material properties and quality, however, we simultaneously strive to curtail skyrocketing material costs— which today can represent as much as 90 percent of overall product costs. We employ a variety of heat, pressure and reduction cladding techniques— such as co-extrusion and co-drawn rod and tube— to combine two or more metals or alloys. The result is a complete metallurgical bond within one material system. Significantly, these wire composite systems offer improved properties versus those provided by the individual metals themselves… including everything from greater tensile strength and conductivity to higher corrosion- and wear-resistance. What’s more, since our clad-metal wire acts as one system, it is highly flexible and formable material that will not break, flake or blister when bent or twisted. Perhaps most important, our manufacturing process is specifically designed to accommodate your specifications. In essence, our extensive availability of metal/alloy compositions, forms and layers— plus our unique capability to offer virtually any ratio or thickness— means we can precisely meet customers’ material-property and material-cost requirements… and provide an almost unlimited array of metal wire solutions.