Anomet Products Quality Statement

"Anomet Products is committed to meeting all of our customer’s requirements and achieving continual improvement through participation of all our employees."

The power of clad-metal wire composites for demanding applications.

Choosing compositye metal wire that meets the exacting requirements of your unique design challenges is critical to the success of your application. Faced with intense time-to-market, quality-control and cost-related pressures, you need to work with a manufacturer that has a lengthy history of providing proven, performance-driven solutions through innovative technologies and processes. And that’s why you need to partner with Anomet Products.

Higher quality than electroplated wire. Lower cost than precious-metal solid wire.

When it comes to composite metal wire, the design specification process for developing high reliability applications in extreme environments has all too often required making performance trade-offs. Specifically, in trying to find the perfect alloy that has all the properties required, engineers have typically been forced to sacrifice certain attributes or properties for the sake of others— resulting in compromised design and application quality standards. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Anomet Products’ clad-metal wire. Manufactured by bonding two or more metals or alloys, clad-metal wire composites can combine the properties of several different materials— plus enhanced reliability, ductility and formability— at lower cost. Of course, every engineer has a unique set of performance requirements, representing unique combinations of properties and attributes. That’s why Anomet Products works closely with you to develop material “systems” that not only possess those desired characteristics, but do so in greater degrees than the individual metals or alloys.

If you have any quality related questions, feel free to reach out to Anomet's Quality Manager, Pierre, (508) 842-3069