Monday, January 30, 2023

SHREWSBURY, MA - Nickel clad copper wire for use in furnaces, temperature rated electronics, and other applications with long-term thermal requirements is available from Anomet Products, Inc. of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

Anomet Nickel Clad Copper Wire combines the conductivity of copper and the corrosion resistance of pure nickel.  Designed for applications requiring superior oxidation resistance, especially at elevated temperatures, it can be supplied as wire and rod from 0.01” to 1” O.D. in a standard 27% nickel ratio with a conductivity of approximately 70% IACS. Featuring a hermetically sealed metallurgical bond, Anomet Nickel Clad Copper Wire is available in annealed through full-hard tempers and is mechanically stronger and more ductile than nickel plated copper wire.  Optional nickel ratios from 10% to 40% are offered along with alternate core materials such as brass, bronze, or steel.

Anomet Nickel Clad Copper Wire is priced according to size, formulation, and quantity.